Nokia forms 71% of Windows Phone market according to AdDuplex research

These figures from AdDuplex, which runs an ad network for Windows Phone, surprised me. The company studies its stats for a random day in November, the 30th, and reports that 71% of the Windows Phone devices contacting its servers were from Nokia. The Lumia 710 leads with 24%, followed by Lumia 800 at 18%, and the Lumia 900 at 7%.


The obvious conclusion is that Nokia dominates the Windows Phone market. Bad news for HTC, which seems to be making a real effort with its 8X release (the 20th most popular device according to the stats).

Dominating the market may sound good for Nokia, but unfortunately the entire market is relatively small. The risk for the platform is that it becomes in effect a Nokia-only OS with all the other OEMs focused on Android.

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One thought on “Nokia forms 71% of Windows Phone market according to AdDuplex research

  1. Niclas Lindgren

    One of the more interesting stats there I think is the fact the Windows Phone 8 is already up to 5% of the wPhone market.

    Hard to tell if that is because it has sold quite a bit or that AdDuplex is more common in windows 8

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