What to do when your Nokia Lumia 800 will not turn on?

Nokia Lumia 800: delightful smartphone but with a few irritations. If you have one, I recommend that you do not let the battery fully discharge – a challenge since the battery life is not the greatest – since if you do, you may have problems turning the phone on again.

I am not sure what proportion of Lumias are affected, but what happens is this. The battery runs out and the phone turns itself off as you would expect. You plug it into the charger, but even after several hours it appears to remain uncharged and will not turn on. The problem is discussed in this thread: Lumia 800 won’t power on or charge.

This has happened with my review Lumia. In my case, the phone vibrated when plugged into the charger and the charging screen appeared, with a red line showing an empty battery, and there it stayed.

So what is the fix? I have had the problem a couple of times, and each time it eventually fixed itself, though it is hard to pinpoint the exact fix. Things people have tried:

  • Unplugging and reconnecting the charger to the phone
  • Attaching the phone to a PC, then to a charger
  • Reset the charging cycle by holding down the power button, while charging, for 8 seconds or so
  • Warming the device to create a small charge in the battery, then starting to charge it

One theory is the battery discharges so deeply that there is not enough power to detect the charger, therefore it never charges. Kind-of too smart for its own good.

If the phone had a removable battery, I would suggest removing and replacing it, an old trick to revive a frozen phone. Should your Lumia not be covered by a warranty, you could try disassembly in order to do this.

The best hope is that a further firmware update will fix the problem.

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129 thoughts on “What to do when your Nokia Lumia 800 will not turn on?

  1. Cristoph

    It happens once to me too, but I just let it there and after about 5 mins it vibrate and start charging.

    1. Fred

      I have probs with this lumia 800… All the tips I’ve read wont work… I guess I have regret buying this phone… If I know this would happen, i wont buy this kind of phone… good advertisement bad product… In my own opinion, Nokia don’t create a phone that’s only ruin once businesses…

      1. jud

        hi same prolem i used camera button to connect to laptop left it in after 10 min it powers on great …no it only powerin it up not charge as soon i pull iyt out to put in wall charger it dies again . help anyone?

  2. Mary Branscombe

    The most recent update fixes this; after a couple of minutes with the empty battery screen it turns on properly. To fix it if you haven’t had the update, plug it into a high capacity charger – the original Lumia charger (hard if you had one of the early review models with a euro plug!) or a Blackberry charger, not most Android chargers – and leave it to recharge for a while, then press and hold the power button until it triggers the reboot vibration. I’ve had it several times and the press and hold has always worked, sometimes just switching to high capacity charger has been enough – and the last update means I don’t even need that. Also gave me much better battery life.

    1. Tim Post author

      Thanks for the tips Mary. What’s your version that’s fixed the problem? I had the issue today and thought I was up to date. Mine is firmware 1600.2483.8106.11500.


  3. Rich

    Oh my god! I have this today and can’t use my phone today. Stunning – I’ve tried the power button but I can’t get my phone to turn on……. Nearly 500€ for a phone which won’t turn on when it’s plugged into the charger!

    1. Anonymous

      Rich, i had the same situation as you do. None of the tips worked…
      Try connecting your phone with your PC, open devices and troubleshoot it and wait for 5-7 min. Within this time it should vibrate and begin charging. Wait a little more and then you can turn it on and charge it with the charger.

      Don’t give up on hope. This phone is still great.

      1. xxgigixx

        this worked for me, just plug it in to your computer open devices and right click on your phone and click troubleshoot and wait for your phone to vibrate and start charging

  4. Jaap

    none of these tips seems to work for me, im going back to the store. sjitty telephone gives me nothing but trouble.

  5. Anthony de Leon

    Oh my God, Nokia Lumia 800 is such a SHITTY mobile phone. I’m really disappointed. I can’t believe I spended money on this. Imagine, I just bought the unit today (04-20-2012). Upon receival of the unit. I started the setup and personalizing. After awhile I was notified the unit was running low on battery. So I connected the charger which came with the unit…. This is crazy; The charger didn’t work too. I immiditly contacted the surplier and was promised a new charger. Fortunately I had a spare USB charger from Samsung. While leaving it to get fully charged for 2 – 3 hours. It really gave me the worst headache ever. THE SHITTY PHONE WON’T TURN ON. I tried everything even browsing the internet to find a solution. IMAGINE NOT EVEN ON NOKIA’S WEBSITE THERE’S A SOLUTION. SHAME ON YOU NOKIA. SO FELLOW FRIENDS… STAY AWAY FROM NOKIA LUMIA 800. Best regards Anthony de Leon from Denmark.

    1. Tim Post author

      It is quite a good phone but you do need the latest update ending 12070 – my advice is to apply this as the first thing you do.


  6. Mike

    How do you do the update when the PC won’t recognise a phone is attached due to it having no power in the phone and unable to charge it?

    1. Tim Post author

      Mike, you have to persuade it to charge somehow. I have had best success with the supplied charger, disconnect, reconnect, leave 10 mins, if charging you have succeeded, if not disconnect and start again.


      1. Shawnny

        I haven’t tried to update but if you plug the phone into a computer via a usb2 cable, and leave it for 10 mins; that worked for me.

  7. Irfan

    I have updated my phone but it still happened to me. Thanks for your tips. The third one i.e. resetting charge cycle, worked for me.

  8. Mike

    Thanks Tim, after no results from charging, I contacted Orange who talked me through the soft and hard resets with still no results. I was told the phone is broken and needs to be returned to the shop for an exchange.

  9. rafe

    my lumia seems that it’s dead because one week a go it was chraged and suddenly it turns off alone and till today i can’t turn it on again !!!!!! please if someone know what is the problem did my lumia die !!??i have tried every tip on website to turn it on again but nothing !!!

    1. Abel

      Hi did u manage to sort out the problem with your phone i am having the exact same thing right now , and i was jus wondering if u know have a solution to the problem

  10. Dom

    I have the latest firmware and have this problem at least twice a week, I find by holding volume down button and power button together for about 5 seconds on letting go the phone vibrates and turns on, battery doesn’t need to be dead for this problem to happen either so can’t be a battery issue.

      1. Jodie

        Thankyou!! My phone was fully charged but screen went blank then it died. Have just done the above and it’s come to life again!

    1. Cameron

      That volume down thing worked thank you so much my phone had been like this for days and your solution was the only one that actually worked!!

    2. Louise

      Yeah, thank you the volume and power off button worked for me tooo!! and yes! it doesn’t have to be out of charge to have this problem, mine was fully charged and I caught the buttons and switched it off accidently this morning and then it wouldn’t turn on again. Well done Dom!

  11. wendy

    Hi, my Nokia went off tonight whilst I was walking home from work, I was playing music and although I did think I had enough battery, I thought maybe it had ran out. I tried to charge it up for 20 minutes in ther car but to no luck. I got home and plugged it straight in, I kept trying to hold the power button down, unplugging and replugging in the charger but still no luck.
    I then thought i’d come on here and trouble shoot on the web, whilst plugging the phone into the laptop.
    I tried holding the volume buttons and power button altogether for about 10 seconds and then it seemed to reboot it, turning itself back on…….phew!

  12. David Lobban

    Yes indeed,
    I had the same exact power issues, my Lumia 800 handset had on several occasions switched off on it’s own.
    I tryed every thimg mentoned on this forum and nothing worked.
    Finally I used a collegues blackberry charged and guest what? it fired up!
    Now Nokia you need to get your act together, because people are watching you!!!
    I may change over to Samsung!!

  13. Christina

    my phone died last night put it on charge over night, nothing charged it through car still nothing. ive tried everying thing and all my phone will give me is the empty battery sign, its been on charge for 2 hrs via pc just can not get it to turn back on

    1. Tim Post author

      Leaving it for hours won’t help. Sometimes repeated connection, trying with a PC, other chargers, will bring it back to life.


  14. Kam

    Having same issue from last 3 day. Actually i was updating firmware by connecting it with laptop, meanwhile battery of laptop drained out and firmware updating was hanged. Now i am not able to power on the device.

    1. Mara

      Same problem as others are experiencing. I was updating the phone through my mac. After about a minute the WP app on my mac returned to the “Connect your WP” screen so I thought the update was finished and disconnected the phone, which was showing that it was still connected. Since then I haven’t been able to turn it on. If it’s connected to the charger it vibrates every 20 seconds and has shown the “empty battery” and the “connected to computer” screen but won’t turn on. I’ve tried holding down all the button combinations with no luck. Help, please!

      Also, the reason I updated was because Viber won’t work – not for messages or calls.
      Not a happy chappy. Preferred my old 3315.
      Come on Nokia!

      1. Anna

        Same happened to me today. The phone went dead mid update and when I plugged it into charging it kept on vibrating but nothing showed up on the screen. Then, after a lot of more or less random button pressing the “connect to computer” screen appeared. I decided to just plug it into the laptop and leave it, hoping it will resolve itself (- the nokia app did not recognize the device at this point). After 10 minutes the phone just turned itself on again with the “update completed” message.

  15. Emma

    This has happened to me for the 2nd time. I was just sitting with it in work, i had set it down beside me to use the computer, 30mins later lifted it to use it and it was turned off, tried to turn it on and it wouldnt. Tried to heating it up and for about 20mins and tried holding the volume buttons and power button together for about 30secs then let go and tapped them an it vibrated. This happened a few weeks ago aswell. Its ridiculous having these to go through this just to turn a phone on….an brand new, smart phone at that!!!

  16. asdf

    I am having the same problem with my nokia lumia 800 right now – the battery has gone, the phone is turned off, I am trying to charge it and when I try turn it on it only vibrates twice and nothing happens. what should I do??

  17. SunnyBoy

    Hi All,
    I’m travelling right now; did a lot of photos today and the phone died somewhen during the day in my pocket. Very disappointing; even if I have updated firmware on the device and really expected to have now a bullet-proof, rock solid functioning device…!! Tried about 2 hours right now to get that f*****g device to function again and to recover the data on it… Shame on this device…!
    Don’t now, what further to do for getting everything rescued, besides looking for a new device from possible some guys they know how to build such devices… :-(

  18. De

    My phone will not turn on at allihad no wifi signal and with a full battery iturned. Myphone off i tried to turn it on and no luck. Iphone 4s here i come!!!!!

  19. Kiran

    Whoever has this problem , just use a blackberry charger , it should start up the phone within 3 seconds. This is pretty sucky though. Happens to me when i use my phone till the battery is completely dead. But a blackberry charger should get it fired up

  20. Gary Whyte

    Turned mine off going into meeting wednesday15th of August, won’t turn back on, it was more than 70% charged at the time, I am waiting for a currier to come and collect, very dissapointed with the Lumia, only for the 18 month contract I would be moving back to Blackberry Curve.

  21. Nikesh

    I have bought the Nokia Lumia 800 on August 19, 2012 in Delhi. it was automatically switched off during the night but easily started on when i pushed the volume button in morning. but it again switched off in office and now it is not starting anyhow!!!!

    I have tried all tricks and methods mentioned over here… Please help!!!

  22. Sam

    My lumia 800 regularly turns its self off, ive had it since 22/11/11 ive been through everything with it, its been through the wash recently and it seemed to work after i’d left it for a few days to dry out, the only way you would know is the water damage indicator and a cracked screen, its safe to say it cant handle a spin cycle! but now i come to turn it on this morning and nothing, not even the charge screen where as lastnight it was working fully!! people rant and rave about amazing these phones are, as far as im concerned nokia pull your socks up!! luckily my contract is up in 2 months so hello iPhone 4s

    1. Tim Post author

      Seriously? You put your Lumia through the wash and now you’re blaming Nokia for it not starting up?


  23. Fi

    my nokia lumia 800 accidently got disconnected during a update now it won’t power on goes to the nokia screen and that’s it help

  24. hannah

    i love my lumia but it wont turn on its been 2 days now .. i have tryed so may things …. none seem to work .. its gone off before like this but came bck on when i did the soft reset bt this tym it asnt work .. what do i do now tim

  25. Linxs

    I had the same issue but I’ve manage to revive the phone.. Try plugging the phone to the charger leave it for a couple of minutes then press the power button for 8-10 seconds, release then unplug the charger then try turning on the phone.

  26. Kees

    The same problem happened to me, I’ve tried all tricks but nothing helps. I use this device for business but now I regret my choice. I’ll change to iPhone.

  27. Kees

    A few minutes after my previous complaint I found a solution: press down ALL buttons, including both volume buttons, the camera button and the start button, wait about 10 seconds and then … hope that it will recover. My device did.
    Nevertheless, I am very annoyed, so my next phone will be an iPhone.

    1. Tim Post author

      I can understand why you are annoyed with the Lumia, but why would that make you switch to a different mobile OS?

      1. Kees

        I chose for Nokia because of the free navigation system. However, the navigation system is quite poor and as on top of that, the Nokia has start-up problems, I do not see why I should move to, say, HTC.

  28. Fiona Harding

    Thanks so much for your advice Tim! Really helped me out! I let my lumia run all the way down, (I was under the impression this was good for the battery but dont know if this is a myth?) and it simply wouldnt charge or even recognise the charger after several hours of waiting. So tried the hold down and putting it on to the nokia provided charger but still didnt work. I heard shaking the phone can sometimes help so I did this too and low and behold it came on!! Never been so pleased to see the little Orange sign!
    Thanks again!

  29. sally

    battery is definitely dead but when i try to charge it it doesn’t show me anything just keeps vibrating very very often what should i do?

  30. Trev Douglas

    My Phone just did that today. It was fully charged and it froze. So I did the usual ‘hold down the power button for 12 seconds’ deal and it turned off. It hasn’t turned back on again, despite several attempts accross a period of 6 hours pushing every which button. I’ll give it a day, otherwise it’s definately a trade in case.

  31. Hussain Ageel Naseer

    Thank You
    I had the same issue: which is I couldn’t turn on my lumia 800. I tried to connect the phone to my laptop, then pressed the power button for 10sec (i got it from the nokia support thread) and I was able to turn on my phone and now it’s charging..

    I didn’t try to press power button for 10sec while directly connected to power, so I’m not very sure if this works only when connected to PC or it works when directly connected to power..

    either way, it worked, so I just wanted to shared my experience :)

  32. owen keen

    My Nokia 800 will turn off the WiFi by its self and the only way to reset it is to turn it off and then spend hours trying to switch it back on in order for it to reset. Pain in the rrse

  33. Mana

    My brand new lumia 900 was purchased at Helsinki airport so after 9 hours of transition, the phone had run out of charge.. Tried the service centre but the attitude of those guys is pathetic.. Either they didnt know how to repair the brick or they knew about the problem too well.. They returned it back saying they dont service handsets bought outside the country… Crap.. Tried everything mentioned on websites but no joy.. Just read abt charging thru laptop and touchwood the battery charge has reached 17%.. Why is Nokia selling such crap wen ppl can use it until it lasts a single charge.. Consumer forums wake up

  34. Graham

    Have had the same problem 3 months ago, took it back to the point of sale and it was sent away and I was told the problem was fixed. I have the same problem again today tried all the above still does not work and will be taking it back to the point of sale again tomorrow. I have lost a lot of work photos to the cost of £500 plus my valuable day off time X2. I believe if I take it to get repaired three times for the same fault Nokia have to refund my money or supply an alternative. My job electrical trainer my course today is fault diagnosis and rectification my diagnosis on the Nokia Lumia 800 is a patent defect.

    Nokia you will have my details and I stand by what I say above, please take me to court then I can waste your time. All this heating up where phones are concerned Mike is dangerous, using different chargers may see customers loose their warranty. I will think long and hard before choosing another Nokia.

  35. Celebi3

    I had the same problem, tried all of those things and it still didn’t work, really annoyingly.
    Finally, I decided to use a blackberry charger, left it for about 2 hours – it kept vibrating but didn’t turn on.
    After that, I took it out and pressed the ‘volume down + power button’ combination and it somehow turned on!
    Hope it works for you guys…

  36. dan joseph

    my nokia lumia 800 was drained and now it powers on but it dosen’t fully show tha main screen only nokia and then att rethink possible. please help me fix it i really love the phone.

  37. Abel

    Hi im having the same problem with my nokia lumia nothing seems to be working i have tried everything blackberry charger and all still to no avail . what should i do now help :-(

  38. Esteban

    USE THE PROPER CHARGER. Lower capacity chargers have enough power to give the phone some function (vibrating, white screen, battery charge screen) but not enough to allow the phone sufficient power to turn on. It’s like when you use a smaller charger (iPod) on an iPad and will charge, but it will take an hour to charge only 2%.

    I had this problem all day and then tried the first solution listed above (change the charger for a higher capacity). It worked right away.

  39. v.j 16

    ugh stupid phone wont turn on ! , this has happend about 6 times nw and i dont nw what to do to turn it back on? can anyone help ?

  40. rahul

    my problem is i updated my phone with the net after some time the updation got stopped and even my mobile too its a lumia 800 and only the update symbol connecting to pc is coming but the mobile is not oning at all i am worried can you help me out

  41. zain salam

    thats administrator for your valuable information….my phone got drained the battery…and it dont get on.so i chager it for more than 2 hours,after it didnt start actually i really got tensed because i spent a lot of money for this phne,and i thought it got died.your trick got worked,i plugged to my pc,and it shows a empty battery image and after i attached to my charger and it got charged…hanks a lot for your help :D :)

  42. Rahul

    My new Nokia lumia 800 which i have bought 2 months ago just died today morning. I noticed the low battery level yesterday night when i wen to bed but ignored thinking that the next day i will charge through usb cable from computer in my office but while making an urgent call prior to arrival at office the phone just go black and nothing happens.i tried every possible steps above but nothing comes out..what to do..plz help me out….

    1. Tim Post author

      You can try all the tips and I have always been able to get mine working; I also think recent Lumia 800s are less troublesome and the battery life is longer. However in the end it may just be faulty and you will have to go back to your supplier.


      1. Rahul

        Ohh God..Tim i did everything those mentioned above but noting results..I am just fade up. What to do guys..Plz help me out….I have necessary information in this phone…

        1. Carl W

          Get some insurance for it, wait a week or so and then ‘accidentally’ smash it to smithereens with a sledgehammer. Mine’s had it coming for a year now, it might just be my Christmas present to the worst phone I have ever had the misfortune of owning.

  43. Tracy

    Very frustrated with my Nokia lumina, it’s on a 2 year contract and I can’t wait until its up.ive had loads of problems with this phone switching itself off, it’s also been replaced! Recently it been ok up until now, battery went flat overnight and now won’t go back on, I ve tried all suggestions on this page with no joy. I ve always has Nokia s but after the problems with this one I won’t be renewing my contract with another, very disappointed this appears to be a re occurring problem the Nokia still haven’t sorted!

  44. Helen

    I have a Nokia Lumia 800 on a 24 month contract with Vodafone. Vodafone have replaced the phone twice now because of the reason above. I have to keep it charged or gamble with never being able to restart. I have all the firmware and OS updates. Nokia are just not that bothered and from what I read above have not bothered to fix it in the 900. I like the Windows OS, it seems that Microsoft have chosen a poor partner in Nokia. Can’t fault Vodafone, they know about the fault and will replace with very little negotiation, just keep the contacts and media backed up! This is my experience, I hope it helps someone choosing a new phone.

  45. LouLou2

    Thanks Mary B (commented above) took your advise and my phone started charging after being dead for two days. I had 50% charge on my Lumia 800 whilst using the web it just switched itself off. I was away on holiday, wouldn’t charge with my hubby’s samsung charger or with car charger. Had to use the orginal nokia high capacity USB charger into my laptop. Had to ensure the latest device software was downloaded just for the usb lead. When this is done the phone should switch on, making the normal vibration sound, and then the phone will be recognised as a device.
    What happens if you dont have a PC/laptop to load the latest sofware???? When you buy a new phone you just espect to plug it into the wall charger like any other phone and any updates should automatically come thru via wifi/internet usage. I’ve read many comments about nokia getting out of responsibility for a lot of problems with this phone for at least a year now and agree it should have been recalled a long time ago, but yet they are still filling the shelves with the same model. I bought with a 24month contract, however, the phone only comes with 12 months warranty and then when taken back to the shop, who send back to nokia for repair, the consumer is then blamed for negligence and charged a huge fee for repairs. This will be the last time I buy a nokia.
    P.S. My Bluetooth has never worked – sending or receiving – any ideas???

  46. Sarah

    My nokia lumia 800 died and would not turn back on, i tried almost everything people suggested on these forms but nothing worked. This went on for at least 8 hours. I seen a tip to heat the phone up, so connected the phone to my laptop using the usb wire and i simply placed the phone under my laptop while it was on ( as it heats up) and within 10-15 secs it started to charge up again . Hope these helps someone else :)

      1. Sarah

        Glad it helped I was so stressed when it happened to me. NEVER let the battery go dead, when it does i have to do this its such a pain! Make sure you charge it straight away when the critically low warning come up.

  47. mike

    i also encountered problems on my phone nokia lumia 800, i received text messages and even phone call, but there’s no screen dispaly..the problem was how to answer the phone and read the messages without screen display….i did not used my phone for 1 hour,,,,then wow after an hour ,my phone was back to normal……i experienced this 2 times….

  48. Mara

    After much frustration (mine) and intermittent vibrations (phone) I pushed all the buttons for about 10 secs and it showed the ‘connected to computer’ screen. I then charged it on an iphone charger for about an hour and a half and hey presto, sleeping beauty awoke.

  49. iamauk

    my dear friends if your lumia 800 is not turning on then just try this what i am going to tell you, your phone will start again,

    •Connect the phone to your computer with a USB cable that came in the sales package with your Lumia phone. If the battery has not been used for a long time, to begin charging, you may need to connect the cable, then disconnect and reconnect it.

    •Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds, and then press to turn on your phone again.

    •Your PC should detect your phone when it is connected using a USB cable, if this is not happening you can manually switch the phone into specific mode following these steps:
    1. Disconnect your phone from the USB cable.
    2. Hold down the camera button.
    3. Continue holding down the camera button and connect the USB cable between your phone and PC.
    4. Continue holding down the camera button until you see the connect-to-computer screen on your Lumia phone display.
    5. Release the camera button.
    6. The Zune software on the PC should automatically detect your phone now and charging indicator appears on the display.

    it will help you my dear friends , thanks alot,
    iamauk. http://www.facebook.com/attaullahbhatti

    1. Paul Borg

      Hi I did all the steps yet, even though the pc recognises the phone the screen is still black. What can I do please? Just owned it for less than a month…..

  50. anonymous

    Hey, I am having the same problem with my lumia 800. I connected it to my laptop and updated it, updating turned it off and i had to turn it back on. I kept getting “low battery” icon, but now it only shakes. I have tried holding power button for 8+ secends and power+voice down buttons.

    1. Kees

      This conversation makes clear that Nokia sells crap. Sometimes, it helps if you push some, many or all buttons, or connect, disconnect and reconnect it to your computer, while simultaneously pushing buttons on your phone, like I did and iamouk in another order. However, this is not a Nokia built-in procedure, but just a random activation of a rest of power. We just did a wrong purchase.

  51. anonymous


    My phone just turned on after disconnecting and pressing power button. It displays icon of phone and laptop connected with arrow crossed on top of it. Im not sure if that means I need to connect it or not.

    When my phone is charging, it keeps shaking. I unplugged it as im going to sleep, I’ll check how its doing tomorrow.

  52. StarGazzy

    I have a Nokia 800 and it is dead. I had it charging overnight ok, checked the phone before i left for work and during the 20 minute car ride it died. I have tried all of the prssing button combinations and it is still dead. I have tried two Nokia chargers and also connecting it to either my laptop or computer…. nothing. Either computer or laptop does not recognise the phone. My only concern is the photos on the phone. I thought that it may have a micro SD card inside but no. I am going to try a more powerful charger (as suggested on here) maybe a 2amp output and see what happens. I am also wonderi ng if its worth buying a new battery off ebay just to see if brings my phone back to life even just to get the pictures off. I will keep you posted.

  53. so

    i have tried everything you can find on the web
    hard en soft reset and warming the phone up
    mij computer doesnt recognize my phone
    its now for 2 weeks like this
    does somebody nows a other trick i can try

  54. StarGazzy

    I am thinking about buying a replacement battery off ebay. I am suprised that nobody has suggested replacing the battery or even tried a replacment battery.

  55. klaine

    My Lumia wouldn’t turn on after I turned it off and I was so scared! But I held down the volume and power button together for a while…AND IT TURNED ON!
    YAY! I also connected it to my PC and it took a while to recognize the device but YAY!
    Back in business.

  56. StarGazzy

    Well, just an update… I took my telephone to a Nokia warranty repair centre in York and they put in their own battery and still it would not power on. So I am f”c£ed. All of my photos gone. There only suggestion was to try and “Force” software onto the phone but after asking “how can you force software on a dead device?” the technician said we just can! I did not go for that option as it would wipe everything. So now I am looking for someone who can do data recovery.

  57. Justine

    I took out my sim card and put it back in again…then held down the power button and she was back on again.

  58. john

    HI,i had the same problem phone would not power on or charge…I wrapped the phone in a cloth and placed on the heater for 20 – 30 mins.. This gave the battery the charge it needed to power on and start charging ,not sure if this is a perminant fix but will give you the chance to retrieve any data.

  59. Joe Shorten

    Thanks a lot! I couldn’t get my Lumia 800 working, I was listening to music when it just powered off. I left it charging for 30 mins and it still wouldn’t even vibrate. The next morning I rubbed the back of the phone and put it in the computer, while holding down the power button and it eventually worked:)

  60. maria

    my luma 800 has been dead for 4 hours now.. get it tuned on i thought but only coming up nokia and staying like this..help tips?

  61. Sobby

    My Lumia 800 has been death for almost 2 weeks now after dropping it in the salt water.
    Please someone with quick help and fix ideas. Thanks

  62. ken

    I am pretty sure my lumia 800 has kicked the bucket. Time of death last night (almost 20hrs now). In the events leading up to this final catastrophe, I remember that the phone was alarming “battery critically low” but I got distracted and didn’t charge it straight away. When I eventually connected it to the charger it charged up ok and it was more than 50% charged when I disconnected it to use it for a quick web search…which went well, then it seemed to switch off on its own pretty quick. I thought that was odd, but I hooked it up to the charger again and booted it up, and used the diagnostics tool to check the charge on the battery. This read 87%, so I was worried that something more sinister was going on. Anyway, I wanted to turn the screen off with a quick press of the power button but I fumbled in the dark and pressed the volume down button by mistake… and then it just switched off and wouldn’t turn back on again. I have done EVERYTHING mentioned by everyone in this forum. No spark of life.

    Prior to all this, I have been struggling for weeks with the stupid proximity sensor that played up so I couldn’t access any screen buttons during a call. Was it a related problem??? Hmmm…. a prognostic sign of a dying nokia lumia 800 maybe.

    Nokia…..what can I say…. I was such a nokia fanatic… I had the old nokia phones that you could throw against a wall and after putting all the pieces together they would still work. I got this Lumia 800 thinking about that same robust reliable build quality and dependability. I’m sorry but you haven’t done justice to us Nokia fans who have stuck by you when HTC, Blackberry, Samsung and,…Ughhhhhh… iphone (I’m all for windows and I HATE APPLE) are compelling reasons to switch.

    What an expensive lesson in loyalty to the wrong phone giant.

  63. wayne

    really pissed off with nokia my 800 just died plenty of advice but nothing fixed the problem i cannot believe that nokia will not take the blame i have my own business with over 200 contacts which i have lost and cannot get back due to the phone deciding to give up nokias comment were we can sell you a new handset or hopefully repair your 800 but as for your contacts well they are gone
    what a big fat load of crap /// you had my money and now trying to screw my business
    modern techno load of crap if you cant back it up tell us before we buy u muppets

  64. Ray

    Same here with my lumia 800. I’ve had this problem about 2 weeks.
    Tried to charge battery even without phone and checked voltage. 3.8V as it should. So battery is full.
    But still not turning on. There’s still Nokia logo and battery empty pic when there’s no battery in and only connected with a charger. So in my opinion, battery is full but it just can’t connect it somehow. I even flashed it. Nothing seems to work.

  65. hatingnokia

    Have run into exactly the same problem with a 620. It’s got to be a Nokia firmware problem. Except mine discharged, will not take charge period. Basically bricked at this point.

  66. DAVID

    HI there,
    I Got a nokia luma 800 on a 24 month contract from Tesco I had it for 4 weeks and the battery is dead, I have tried to charge it over night with no joy . I sent it back to be repaired but they sent it back saying it was water damage, when I written back saying it has never been dropped they sent me a letter saying you shouldn’t not use it in the rain. I have never heard something so silly it don’t say anything about not using it in the rain. Reading all the complaint about the lumia Look like it everyone’s fault but nokia . NEVER AGAIN WITH NOKIA OR TESCO

  67. dean

    Lumia 620 i took firmware update on a new phone has been great.

    Went to use facebook app loaded but went back to tile screen, tried to use camera that loaded but same again.

    battery was full, so turned off phone and tried to turn it on stuck at nokia screen.

    Tried hard reset and battery charge reset but it wont go past the nokia screen.
    Vibrates when you plug in charger, but nothing as its off pc doesnt find it :(

    So looks lime im sending it back to nokia, only had it two weeks too.

    Hopefully they can fix it or send me a new one.

  68. Priti

    Hey Guys

    My phone has faced this problem twice… On the first time i left it aside for a day and next day it started charging on its own…
    today again i faced the same problem and when i pressed the power button with the volume button and then power button with camera button each for 5 seconds… and then immdiately pressed only power button it switched on !!
    My phone has stopped giving vibrations on power on and charging though… anybody knows how to fix that??

  69. Shashank

    If your phone is unresponsive, you should first try these steps. This does not reset the Microsoft (Windows Live) Account or remove any consumer data.
    Press the Volume Down + Power Key and hold them for 15 seconds.
    You will feel vibration.
    The phone will reset and boot up automatically.
    If the phone does not respond, remove the SIM card and try again.
    When the phone switches on, confirm that it has the latest software version by going to Settings > Phone update, and then tap Check for updates.

  70. ------------------------------------------------------------

    Mine doesn’t work at all ive tried every thing but still nothing please help
    ive only had the phone for 6 mounths

  71. Cher

    Mine has not turned on for almost two weeks now..tried allllll the tricks and nothing works :(
    Have the phone almost 7mths now sigh

  72. aimuL

    Mine is dead too, and I believe it will stay dead.

    Sometimes I do get display – but NOT when it’s warm – no, when it’s cold. When I put it in the fridge for a while it will start well. When after it’s getting the screen will go black again.

    With that cooling method I managed to backup, and update to the very latest firmware in the hope that everything is greener with that. If you have that hope, then sadly, even with the latest firmware I get the same trouble.

  73. Youny

    What worked for me is that I left it in the charge for a couple of hours then when I held the power button for 10 seconds (while not plugged in) then it worked. Good luck, I wont buy Nokia anymore, I am ok with it so far but this is my last nokia ;-)

  74. kobus

    Nokia lumia 800

    Worst phone I ever bought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always been a avid Nokia fan since cell phones were introduced in South Africa. I have alwayes upgraded from Nokia to Nokia phones, and never ever considered another phone, not even when the Black Berry craze hit. But this will be be my last Nokia for sure.

    1. Phone doest want to switch on after charging for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Screen dies as soon as you make a call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. Had the phone at two vodafone shops……still not working

    This is just a piece of crap really.

  75. reid

    Had to heat phone on fire and charge at the same time. eventually booted up but still it took numerous times disconnecting phone and plugging back in again before it started.

  76. Thomas Johansson

    How amazing. All of us with similar problems with our Lumia devices, and Nokia is simply not there monitoring the channels. Sure, it is expensive to act, but definitely the badwill we all create around this mess with “dead devices” will lead to extinction of their mobile division, in the end. Our negative messages about the phone definitely becomes exponential, an unstoppable force, so keep on posting.

    I’ve got one dead 700 and now also a dead 800. I’ve tried everything. My path is to post 100 negative messages about Lumia devices. During 2013, tell at least 300 people about that one should never buy a Nokia device. That will hurt a LOT more than replacing my 800, but I have no hope.

    1. Tim Post author

      Apparently it is policy not to comment on non-Nokia sites. Had a conversation on Twitter about this.

      The official advice is to get a Nokia engineer to work on it.


  77. allidaa

    I have the same problem and Nokia Care Center told me that I have to change the machine and it’ll cost 80% of my phone’s price. I’ve tried the Blackberry charger, Samsung charger but it just didn’t work. This happened after I updated to Windows 7.8

  78. portia

    I am very disappointed in LUMIA 800, bye NOKIA you should come up with a solution before you loose more customers, this is my last nokia

  79. Chris Knott


    Just had this problem on a Nokia 5530 MusicExpress: Coming back to it after normal recharging, the phone had ‘died’ and then wouldn’t turn on…
    Bought a new battery – the old one was holding charge for only 5 days or so and I thought it might be the problem – but still no joy…
    So did the “holding down the power on button while attached to the charger”… little buzzes every 5 seconds or so, but nothing major until about 20 seconds… then it came back to life albeit very groggily… it had lost track of date and time, but all other functions appear normal.
    It is currently apparently normal and showing the charging animation… will check back again in a couple of hours…
    This is my second 5530 in 3 years – the current one is a replacement for one that developed a serious speaker problem about 2 years back.
    4 hours later, the phone has recovered it’s diary/events and seems to be running fine…
    Watch this space….

  80. Neester

    my luma 800 has been dead for 4 hours now.. get it tuned on i thought but only coming up nokia and staying like this..help tips?

  81. Arjun

    Im happy to see that im not the only one with this stupid F&*king problem. I bought my 800 approximately a year back.. First 6 months were a breeze, what a phone! awesome features but poor battery life. I bragged about it to everyone that used an android or iphone. My battery died 2 days ago and have tried charging it with multiple chargers to no avail. Vibrates with no result. Hooked it up to the pc and it detected as a device for like 5 seconds after which it went dead again. Iv tried various chargers, blackberry, samsung etc. No display yet. Iv been reading the forums all morning and have tried the various button combinations to reset the phone but no success so far. Im this close to taking a sledgehammer to it but i need my contacts and pictures. Someone suggested heating the phone up so i kept it out in the sun hooked up via an extension cable but sleeping beauty wont wake.

  82. Margot Redpath

    my phone ran out of charge and so i put it on charge, it wouldn’t turn on, so my dad had a go sorting it, as i was trying to dig out the warranty, my dad was fiddling with my phone and found that if you take the cable out of the phone, hold down the on button and then plugged it back it whilst holding down the on button will turn the phone on, this worked with mine, i hope it will work for yours(;

  83. Natalie

    My phone died 2 days ago and would not turn on after many attempts with all that was suggested. It only vibrates but still not coming on. I need my contacts is there anyway i could get this?

  84. Marcin

    Yesterday my Lumia 800 just turned off and that’s it. RIP Nokia. I was the customer for the last 15 years – no more.

  85. Hardik

    Since last 2 days my lumia 720 is dead.
    1) Wall charger is not at all working.
    2) It started when I connect it with laptop but it goes from “nokia” to low battery red icon and again get turned off.
    Issue is battery is not getting enough of charge to boot up completely, please suggest me how to boost the battery.

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