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  1. Bryan De Laet

    Dear Sir,

    I read this:

    I’m looking for a headset that looks good, has a removable mic or integrated mic and I can use for both watching movies on my laptop and play games with on my ps3/ps4. While having surround quality.

    I’m interested in the Roccat Kave but I’m not sure if I should buy it if it’s not easily compatible with PS3. Is it hard and how do I make it compatible?

    Also if it’s to difficult to do. Should I get this instead?


    Best regards,

    Bryan De Laet

  2. Josh

    Regarding the automatic repair loop,
    Root cause found
    Registry is corrupt
    repair action: Registry Roll Back
    Result: Completed successfully. Error code =0×0
    Time taken 2062ms
    Please help?
    Btw, I don’t understand computer language very well.


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