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  1. Bryan De Laet

    Dear Sir,

    I read this:

    I’m looking for a headset that looks good, has a removable mic or integrated mic and I can use for both watching movies on my laptop and play games with on my ps3/ps4. While having surround quality.

    I’m interested in the Roccat Kave but I’m not sure if I should buy it if it’s not easily compatible with PS3. Is it hard and how do I make it compatible?

    Also if it’s to difficult to do. Should I get this instead?


    Best regards,

    Bryan De Laet

  2. Josh

    Regarding the automatic repair loop,
    Root cause found
    Registry is corrupt
    repair action: Registry Roll Back
    Result: Completed successfully. Error code =0×0
    Time taken 2062ms
    Please help?
    Btw, I don’t understand computer language very well.

    1. Nostromov

      Yeah, would’ve been great to know – WTH you had been talking about & then, perhaps, been able to offer advice – to any future readers, heh.

      … It doesn’t seem like it, but had it been about teh Windows Registry, one thing you gotta know: never, ever (never, lol), use *any* Micro$oft tools to “repair” anything. Scanning, diagnostics – maybe… However, when it comes to writing to the disk: do NOT let a Microsoft application do it (if you value your data, that is :)). In 99.9% of cases, you’ll end up with a negative result; ESPECIALLY when using tools which are included WITH their Operating System.

      ^^ Such as Check Disk & its (in)famous “chkdsk /f” command. It’ll ruin your day, guaranteed. Really, hehe, you’ll have to trust me on this – and the years of experience, grief and sorrow. :DD

      Alright, back to the topic… IF Windows Registry was even the case, the best bet is to go with third-party tools and/or teh Micro$oft Winternals /Windows Sysinternals (part of Microsoft TechNet); 3rd-party software is, also, something to be EXTREMELY careful about, whether it’s system utilities – or not, as they will often (!) times, believe-it-or-not, be some kind of spyware, malware, adware (a virus, or ransom-ware, in the worst case – AND it -also- happens). Long story short: trusted sources, only. =)

      A GREAT Registry tool is, torchsoft.com/ Registry Workshop, one of the FEW remaining (system) tools which hasn’t lost their way (like McAfee, Norton – partly (!) & countless others, which had existed for years, past; sold and/or re-branded, w/o us being aware of it). Back up the Registry, tear into it & see what happens… You’ll always have a cool copy, to restore.

      *although, NEVER put your eggs in one basket: it’s best to have many DIFFERENT back-ups; as in – their formats, methods of backing up AND the way that the information is stored, in the file – so that it can be manipulated by other software, for example, if needed.

      Schweet!.. Sorz about the essay, hope it helps!! :))

      P.S. Ah, ok, have to mention it, blah… I GUESS that the System Protection /System Restore in the new(er) versions of Windows *can* be an alright tool. Just be aware that if your PC has, already been infected with some kind of a (rootkit) virus and/or similar – which can be a real possibility, not making this up, LOL – then, System Restore has /had become useless, FYI. xD

  3. Dave Harris

    Hi, just looking at your post: http://gadgets.itwriting.com/679-review-broadway-2t-network-tv-streamer-for-pc-and-ipad-or-mobile-device.html

    I’m interested, but a little confused :) If for example I had a VM with Win 7 Ultimate, could I use the Hauppauge Broadway 2T tuner to use as the TV tuner and watch and record live TV?

    Previously i have had a PC with USB and PCI tuners that have worked well, but this required a separate stand alone PC, something i am trying to move away from.

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this please.

    Many thanks,

    Dave :)

  4. Glenn

    So, after reading your review of Dragon Naturally Speaking 13, the one question that I still have is: Do you consider the headset that comes with the Premium version to be a “high quality headset?”

    thanks for the stellar summary of the features!

  5. Nostromov

    Oh, whoa!.. An email /feedback form, on the site, which actually works (or, at least it’s here – lolz; we’ve yet to see about it “working”. :))

    Right, what had happened to your (article) comments… Old ones are ALL closed & many (or, most, all) new articles do *not* have comments, at all, meh. :/

    … Guess that I wanted to share my thoughts, here and there, on some of the texts; but, that’s not gonna happen, blah. Anywho – was just wondering.

    Best regards, from Belgrade!


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